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Corolon's Polyurethane/Polyurea are high performance elasto-plastic polymers. They are characterized by high physical properties, outstanding chemical and solvent resistance, usability under wide climatic conditions with outstanding durability. They are composed of isocyanate prepolymers which are reacted with amine prepolymers to form a polyurethane/polyurea elastomer. Both components are low viscosity fluids which react very quickly to form a tough polymer when mixed and applied using hot plural component airless spray equipment.


Some applicable uses would include but are not limited to the following:

  • Sanitary coatings for lining meat, poultry and other food processing facilities.
  • Lining of steel, masonry or wood tanks, silos, pipes and flumes.
  • Application to geotextiles to form ponds, contain spills, prevent escape of effluents and prevent loss of water or petroleum products.
  • Provide protection for rigid urethane foam insulation.
  • Coat expanded polystyrene board to provide both physical and chemical protection.
  • Can be applied over open-cell flexible foam to seal the surface and provide a good wear surface.
  • Provides a tough, abrasion, chemical and corrosion resistant liner for truck beds and under carriages.
  • Suitable for automobile and pedetrian traffic deck surfacing and waterproofing.
  • May be used to repair or replace existing containment liners.
  • Provides a stable surface for decorative items such as artificial landscapes, stage props, art objects, etc.
  • Production of plastic articles by spraying into open (one-sided) molds.
  • Lining of cargo holds on ships to provide abrasion resistance or for sanitation and ease of cleaning.
  • Lining of rail freight cars to provide abrasion resistance, improve sanitation and enhanced slip for easier more complete discharge of loads.
  • Encapsulation of asbestos and other environmentally undesirable material.
  • Abrasion resistant surfaces for snow plows, sand trucks, and salt spreaders.
  • Sealing and corrosion protection of sewer manholes.
  • Lining of hot asphalt dump trucks.
  • Sealing of metal building seams and fasteners.
  • Protection of polyurethane foam roofing from damage by hail, birds, traffic and ice build up.



Corolon 3200 HBS Abrasion Resistant Polyurea Urethane Protective Lining
Corolon 3201 Polyurea Spray Elastomer
Corolon 3201B Polyurea Spray Casting
Corolon 3210 Polyurea Urethane Protective Lining
Corolon 3290 High Temperature Polyurea Urethane Protective Lining
Corolon 3520 Urethane Mastic
Corolon 3580 Chemical Resistant Urethane Hydrid
Corolon 3560 F.D.A. Qualified Urethane Coating
Corolon 3541D Decking Spray Elastomer
Corolon 3541R Roofing Spray Elastomer
Corolon 3541T Truck Bed Decking Spray Elastomer
Corolon #11 Two Component Epoxy Primer
Corolon #12 Two Component Solvent Based Epoxy Primer
Corolon #1007 Single Component Polyurethane Primer

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