Rust Stop Interpanels (A)

RUST STOP INTERPANELS is an oil carried inhibitor system, which
actually cleans and coats dissimilar metals as it "creeps" and penetrates
even the tightest seams. RUST STOP INTERPANELS has a natural affinity
for all types of metals and actually forms an ionic bond to the substrate. .

RUST STOP INTERPANELS is an exceptional penetrant and lubricant,
while providing outstanding corrosion protection, metal wetting, water
displacing and oxidative stability. RUST STOP INTERPANELS is designed
to remain fluid and self healing.

RUST STOP INTERPANELS contains no solvents and can be applied over
all types of coating materials with NO surface preparation necessary.

RUST STOP INTERPANELS has been recognized by the Canadian
Environmental Agency as an "environmentally friendly" product.

Colour - Red / Clear




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